You all know I am an advocate of blogging. If you have a website blogging is hugely beneficial. But, I do admit there are some businesses that just don’t need to blog, or should be focusing their articles onto other platforms such as LinkedIn. I’ll talk about that in other blog posts.

If you do have a website – and if you are not sure whether you need a website for your business or not, email me and we can discuss the pros and cons – blogging has great benefits both for helping you connect with your customers and for helping your website perform better.

The overall point of blogging is visibility. I can list plenty of great reasons – and I do below – but what it comes down to is visibility. You want your business to be seen – and to do that, you need to make it stand out.

Blogging helps your website performance

Blogs let you say more about your products

When you write content on your website, each page should be succinct and aimed at helping the reader understand what your product is, and how it helps them. You don’t have a lot of Blog: SEO mindmap for bloggingspace. I don’t mean that you are physically limited in space – you could waffle on for thousands of words. I mean you are limited in the amount of space you can use before your visitor turns away for an easier read.

While your website page gets to the point quickly, you can use your blogs to expand on your subject. Write posts that outline the fabulous qualities of your product compared to others, and the ways you can use it. Write a post that outlines your top tips for getting the most from your services or how to choose the best provider. Every blog post expands on what you offer, while keeping the main product page clear and easy to buy from.

Blogging improves your SEO for search engine results

Your website will, of course, be written with SEO in mind – it contains keywords and phrases that mean you will be found in search engine results. But you can only add so many keywords to a page before your content just turns into waffle. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by search engines. Every blog you write is an opportunity to use a different key phrase without overdoing it – adding to the overall SEO on your site.

Regular blogging makes your website look cared for

Search engines like a website that is updated regularly. It means that your site is cared for and the content will be fresh and new. A search engine that churns up old, outdated or incorrect Blog quality stands out in crowdresults will soon lose customers.

You can’t re-write your website pages every week, but adding a new blog regularly means your site always has recent content and makes you a better option for a search engine – they will be turning up more relevant results that, in turn, keep their customers happy.

Blogging helps your business performance

Blogging helps your customers understand your skills

When a potential customer browses your products or services they want to answer one question – “What’s in it for me?”. Website pages focus on answering that question.

Your blog lets you really expand on that, and explain not just how you can help them, but why you are the best person to do it. Share your expertise, explain your skillset. Every blog post you write demonstrates whether you know what you are talking about.

Your blog shows the person behind the business

We’re always saying that people buy from people. That’s particularly true for a small business – although with larger businesses we are more likely to say that we’ll buy from the one that is Blog: friendly couple in front of shopmore suited to our ethics or personality. But – how do you know what the person is like behind the business, or whether the business cares for its staff and customers?

Reviews and press articles – if you have them – will tell potential customers what other people think of you, one side of the story. Only your blog gives you a chance to share your side of the story, show your personality, explain where your products come from, why you care about the ingredients or the service you provide.

Blogging is what makes you stand out from your competitors

Imagine you were walking down your local high street and saw two shops next to each other offering the same service, how would you decide which one to go into? You would likely pick based on which one had the most inviting frontage, looked the busiest (as clearly all the other customers know something you don’t) and had the friendliest staff.

Now translate that into your website (the frontage) and how close to the front page you are in search results (the busiest). And how do you show how friendly you are? Through your blogs. You are reaching out and chatting to your customers, sharing tips, being welcome and helpful – if the shop next door has an old blog, or none at all, you are going to stand out.

Are you ready to blog for your business?

Have I convinced you that you need a blog for your website? If you are not sure, then let’s talk. Maybe you are one of the very few businesses that really doesn’t need to. I’m not going to tell you otherwise.

If you do need to blog, then what’s stopping you from getting fingers to keyboard? Time, confidence, knowing where to start? I can help with all of those too. So, get in touch – email, phone or message me. I’m pretty friendly, and I’m on hand to help. There’s nothing to stop you blogging for your business now.