One of the key services I offer businesses is blogging. There are great benefits to your business from regular blog posts, which I’ve delved into before – the key word being regular.

If you are looking at my own blog right now, you can see I haven’t written anything new and fresh since March. Does this show that I don’t practice what I preach (ouch) – or is it a perfect demonstration of why you should outsource your writing?

Regular blogging enhances your SEO. It moves you up the search engine food chain, helps increase your visibility and gives you an open channel to reach your customers. You can establish yourself as an expert in your specialist area, create an approachable persona that helps customers relate to you, and share your latest news.

But if you don’t keep your blog up to date, it’s not working for you. In fact, it could be working against you.

Is your blog empty and your website out of date?

Is your blog empty and your website out of date?


Failing to blog regularly could imply that you actually have nothing to share.

What? That can’t be right. You work hard day and night, thinking about your business, planning your next marketing strategy, solving problems for your customers. You are full of knowledge and ideas, so I know you have lots to say that your customers want to hear.

A lack of updates on your website – and all your social media – suggests that you are not online and in touch with your customers.

We know that today’s savvy shoppers research online before they come to your store.

If you are not up to date then you’re missing out on potential customers. They’ll go to your nearest competitor, who does provide regular informative updates and who responds to social media, to ask questions.

Be reliable and stay in touch.

Do you have an opt-in on your website, letting customers choose to get offers and news from you? You’ve put in the effort of collecting their contact details, so why aren’t you using them?

Yes, daily updates are a nuisance. You’ll end up sent to the junk bin. In the same way, random emails just get slung aside and missed.

But with some forethought your monthly posts can be both informative – and a great marketing tool to keep your clients aware of your brand.

Should you be outsourcing your blogging?

I haven’t blogged in months. We’ve established that. The important thing is why.

If you are, like me, busy meeting with clients, selling your services, managing your paperwork and doing the actual work part of your business – yes, somehow the work has to be done – then keeping your website up to date may easily become the last task to be done. And you still need to find a little time for your family life, right?

It’s a bit of a catch that a great website could be doing a lot of the marketing and selling for you, freeing up your time, but it’s the one thing you don’t have hours to keep on top of.

Do you have time to do everything your business needs?

Do you have time to do everything your business needs?

Outsourcing your blogging gives you back some free time.

We delegate plenty of tasks to keep our business moving – but one that is often neglected is the wording.

And yet, if we have a website, the wording is vital to turning visitors into customers.

You might consider blogging to be a relatively simple task, easily passed on to a member of the team. But can they really explain your business in a professional manner.

Presumably you hired that person to do a specific job. Who is doing their job, while they do the writing?

Maybe it’s something you plan to do yourself. Let’s face it, no one knows your business as well as you. But when?

Writing with a fresh perspective – the customer point of view.

Of course you know your business inside out. However, that also means you are right in the centre of it.  You know what you want to tell your customers about, but is that actually what prospective clients want to hear?

Sometimes you need to take a step back. I often find when blogging for clients that I provide a viewpoint that they hadn’t considered, as I’m looking at it from the buyer side.

Being so close to your business can also cloud your mind. Information overload! All that detail makes it difficult for you to simplify your expertise into layman terms.

Let me do the writing, while you plan for your future.

Let me do the writing, while you plan for your future.

A professional writer finds content ideas for you – and puts it in clear, customer friendly terms.

Talking about other people is easy, but many of us find it difficult to talk about ourselves. It’s the same with your business. You might want to blog, but can’t think of anything to write about. Perhaps you think your business is too complex, or your product too obvious to need explaining.

There is always something to share. Industry news, case studies, interesting products updates – outsourcing your wording to a professional means that not only do I write the blogs, I can find the subject as well.

So, I haven’t written much on my own website in a while. But that’s because I’ve been writing for local businesses – saving them time, helping them to keep in touch with their customers and making sure that their business stands out.

Is your business getting left behind?

If you would like to talk about regular blogging, or one off articles – call me now. I’ve got the time and words you need.