Top tips gecopywriterOne question that I’m asked more than any other is what to blog about.

Whenever I am giving a talk on blogging, one question always comes up. Once business owners understand the importance of blogging for their businesses, there is always the problem of knowing what to write about. But really, it’s not as hard as you think.

First of all, think about your reader. Who are you writing for? Are you talking to existing or new clients? Is your blog exclusively for your business, or will you add a personal element, sharing details of your home life, family, or opinions? Just remember, anything you put online is there forever so be sure your family are happy to be part of your website. If you post opinions, you invite comments from other readers – but as you grow, you will also receive people who disagree with you – often vehemently.

So – how to find some content for your blog?

Listen to the questions your customers ask you.

If one customer asks a question about your products or services, the chances are another customer will want the same information. So – write it down. Answer that question in your blog post – and there you have it. Content.

A mistake many of us make is that we talk at customers. We tell them the things we want them to know – how unique and marvellous our product is, how hard it is to source, or much it will change a life.

But really – what a customer wants to know is whether it does what they want it to. Does it tick the box, perform well and for a reasonable price? So – listen to your customers. Write down the questions they ask you, and answer them.

You don’t only have to write about your products

Copywriter MidlandsYour blog is your chance to show off your personality and expertise. Remember that, especially for small and local businesses, people buy from people. So getting your personality across and making your blog approachable is a great way to build relationships.

How do you do that? Do you just talk about your products, all day, every day? Of course you don’t. Talk about other things – related to your business, but indirectly.

  • Mention a product, but don’t make the entire post about it.
  • Talk about other items by other companies that complement yours.
  • Talk about the countries you source from – why you love their culture, have you travelled there, what did you see?
  • Talk about your business ethics.
  • Google your product and see what else comes up in the related searches. This gives you an idea of what other people look for.

Looking for more blogging tips or help with your content? Email me now to see how I can help you save time and get more readers – outsource your business blogging, leaving you free to get back to your customers.

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