When the notion of e-books came out, I have to admit I was sceptical. A little saddened by the whole idea. I’ll go into that in future posts.

I was wrong though.

I was wrong, because what I didn’t realise that e-books would allow a whole new market of writer to explode onto the scene. I’ve been exploring authors and delving into a whole plethora of genres which I wouldn’t normally try.

Which leads me on to a wonderful, witty and charming new writer I would love to share with you. Her name is Maddie Cochere, and she blogs at www.breezybooks.com.

Murder Under Construction

Maddie has penned a whole series of novels based on a character called Susan Hunter – a mystery series with a blond, pink and girly lead. If you think this is a reason to stop reading now, wait!

She’s girly, yes. But she also kicks arse! She makes mistakes, she upsets the neighbours, she’s a normal human being living in the real world. I liked the first book so much I went on to read the other five.

So when Maddie brought out a new series, I was quite happy to settle in with my coffee and comfy chair for a read.

The new books, Two Sisters and a Journalist, starts with ‘Murder Under Construction’. The lead character, Jo, is sassy, clumsy, overweight and struggling to stick to a diet! She’s also prone to getting caught in embarrassing situations – stripping off in front of an audience or leaving the toilet door open.

Jo is also prone to stumbling across dead bodies – which has prompted her to become a private investigator. ‘Murder Under Construction’ begins with her taking the first steps into her new career. She’s drawn into solving the murder of a women found on a site near her house, while at the same time going on awkward dates with seriously disturbed men, spending weekends with her family and wildly inappropriate mother and occasionally enjoying a little too much junk food.

There are two things about ‘Murder Under Construction’ I really do enjoy. Firstly, Maddie’s characters are well-thought out. There isn’t reams of description and yet each personality comes alive through their actions and conversations. We don’t have to spend hours examining their innermost thoughts and dealing with personal angst – it’s light entertainment with characters we can still connect with.

Secondly, the story is full of humour. I actually laughed out loud at some of the antics and conversations. There are touches throughout the story that add comedy. My personal favourite – I love the idea of the Chummy Burger, a drive through that gives you what they want. You can’t help but believe that this place actually does exist somewhere, and it’s that credibility that makes the book work for me.

This is a great read for anyone who wants to relax and chill out. I recommend you take time to read this one – and then join me in nagging Maddie to get on with writing more.

You can buy Murder Under Construction from Amazon.

I have not received any payment for this review – all opinions are my own.