Blogging. You’re constantly being told your website needs it. Apparently your business just isn’t the same without it. But do you really know why? What does having a business blog really do for you?

It isn’t just about filling the internet with more words than your nearest competitor. Having the most to say doesn’t automatically make you shine. But having something worth saying – well, that’s another matter.

Why you need a business blog.

1 Blogging improves your SEO and online presence. 

Your main website has a limited number of words. Limited, not in how many you can put on it, but in how much useful and relevant information you can add before you start repeating yourself.

Your blog allows you to regularly update information about your business. At the same time you incorporate SEO techniques. Search engines love quality new content and reward you for it by adding new signposting to your site.

2 Establish Your Expertise

A business blog is your mouthpiece to share your insight, experience and knowledge about your industry. With informative and useful information you provide a valuable resource to readers, encouraging them to return again and again. As you gain the confidence and trust of your wider audience you will cement your reputation as a market expert.

3 Advertising your news

 Interspersed with sharing information, a business blog is your notice board to advertise new products, competitions, and your latest initiatives. Shout about successes, awards and news and let clients know what you are have been up to.

Used well with links to your social media outreach, your blog is a versatile part of your marketing strategy.

Your business blog improves your SEO and online presence

4 Engaging with customers

Blogs encourage communication. Allowing customers and industry peers to comment on your posts creates a conversation. Asking the right questions can provide you with valuable feedback and market research. In fact, even without asking questions you can gain customer data by examining your website analytics.

Interacting and being open and approachable with your readers doesn’t just build trust, it allows your personality and brand to shine through.

5 Finding fresh content helps you keep in touch

For smaller or local businesses in particular, where one person can carry many roles, it’s easy to become too focused on a single goal or strategy. Finding content to blog about requires keeping your own eye on the wider industry around you – which keeps you up to date with the latest trends and news from your competitors.

But I’m just a small business!

Well, that’s all the more reason for you to boost your profile with a blog. Where else can you have access to an audience of tens of thousands for relatively small amounts of time, effort and investment?

Utilise your social media, work with other local businesses to share links, and you can boost your brand awareness with relative ease.

And of course, if you don’t have the time to write for yourself, or think of possible content, your local freelance copywriter can help. A small cost up front can have potentially huge returns in new customers and brand awareness.


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