As a freelance copywriter I tend to work alone. After all, no one else can hold the pen for me, surely?

In fact, that’s not the case. Quite often the copy is part of a collaborative piece, linked to various other roles. Let’s say you need a leaflet creating that sells your products. Besides the wording – a vital component – you also need the leaflet layout designing. Perhaps you would like a logo, or business image.

Then there is the marketing side. Are you sending the leaflet to specific companies? Have you researched who suits your target audience locally, and found the names of individuals to personally address?

The Umbrella

The longer I work in copywriting, the increasing number of additional roles I am asked to assist with. Sometimes I can – it’s through this route that I also began to offer my services as a virtual assistant. After all, once I’ve written the messages for Facebook or the Tweets, it’s more time and cost effective for me to also schedule and post them.

As part of the GECopywriter team, I work with selected freelancers to offer a single point of contact for your business needs. So, if you need a web design for your self-hosted platform or help with your correspondence list and monthly newsletter, look no further. Not only do we produce the copy you need to speak to your customers, we can also manage the mailing list, schedule your social media and ensure the words fit into the design.

Local experts

However for longer term assistance or in other areas, it’s better to employ the services of an expert in their field – designers, marketing, PR and so on. And as we work together, I build up a little black book of local businesses that I would recommend from personal experience.

Whatever your needs, I’ll talk it through with you to find the course of action that suits you.


Freelancers work as part of a team