Editing & Proofreading



Crafting your own content?

Do you need a second opinion, structural support and some help to avoid the grammar police?

I’ll provide the editing, you can tell the story. 


Business editing

Great wording badly presented can give a poor impression of your business.

– Are you writing your own content?

– Is English your second language?

– Are you full of ideas, but stuck on the grammar? 

If you want a 2nd opinion, an in-depth, critical edit can help. I’ll review and adjust your wording to make sure your meaning is clear and your point made – but without losing your style.

It’s your words, with just a little polish.


Fiction editing

You’ve got a tale to tell, a story to weave, a novel to narrate.

If you’re an independent author or aiming to self-publish, I’d love to help you get ready for your readers. 

Copy editing and proofreading – word-by-word editing for grammar, consistency and sense-checking.

Structural editing – looking for clarity, pace, tone and flow.

Not sure whether I’m the editor for you? It’s not a decision to make lightly. Your work deserves the right support – so let’s talk first.