Why would you choose to use a freelancer?

These days, whatever your needs, there is a company out there who can help you. A search online will tell you about their staff, their promotions and their package deals, their management team and their ideals. So, why would you choose a freelancer instead?

Because a freelancer makes sure it’s all about YOU.

Using a freelance worker saves money

Freelancers have lower overheads, so cost less to hire

  • Freelance workers are invariably more cost-effective.

Most freelancers work from home or a shared office space, with much lower overheads. Without staff, they also don’t have to consider paying wages to others or expenses. A freelance worker will factor these savings in to their prices, offering you a great deal.

Unlike a larger company who may offer package deals, a freelancer is also able to offer more versatility. After a personal conversation, during which you can explain exactly what you need, your freelancer can tailor their fees so that you are not being charged for extras you didn’t really want.

  • You get the same, or more, experience for less.

There’s a lot of reasons why an experienced professional may choose to become self-employed. People close to retiring who just want to wind down a little from the hectic company pressure. Those made redundant by big firms in the annual cull. New mothers, choosing to maintain a work/parenting balance.

Working for themselves gives a freelancer insight into management, marketing and the other parts of running a business that they may not otherwise encounter.

All of these add up to one thing. Freelancers are usually as experienced, if not more, than the person who picks up your work in a company. In fact, more often than not they are more qualified than your budget.

mother and child at laptop

Freelancers often have more experience and skills

  • Flexibility and speed that fits in with your business

Most freelancers chose that way of work because of the flexibility it offers them in setting their own hours. This means they can also juggle their own workloads and pace. So if you need a quick turnaround or have a particular deadline, your freelancer can give you a fast and informed decision as to whether they can help you without needing to refer to a bureaucracy of decision makers.

It also means that many freelancers can, and often prefer, to work late hours or early in the morning, which can work to your advantage if you need websites updating overnight while your customers sleep or your mail shots sent out in time for the commuters to read over their latte.

  • Working your way

A business has processes and procedures to follow that ensures their staff fulfil their set roles. You tell them what you need, they’ll tell you how they will do it.

A freelancer has far greater adaptability and aims to become your partner. Once you explain your expectations, your freelancer will work with you to agree a method that works best for your business, even working with your preferred systems if needed.

hands holding together in unity

Freelancers do things your way and become part of your team

  • Freelancers give you a more personal service

Businesses have many customers, all with their own expectations and projects. Your job will be one of many in the pipeline, and prioritised based on its profitability to that business.

With a freelancer your job is their number one priority. You know exactly who is picking up the work and can research their credibility on various platforms such as Linked In, instead of your project disappearing into the hands of an unknown team.

You’ll also have a phone number and email for your chosen freelancer, which gives you a direct line of communication. No waiting, no explaining your question to three different departments. When you hire a freelancer, you get a far more personal and unique service.

Why do the tasks you hate yourself, when you can outsource them to a freelance worker and still have them done your way?

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