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One of the larger projects I’ve worked on, I was really pleased to be part of a two person team revamping the Aston University Careers+Placements website.

The original site had grown to an unwieldy size, making it difficult for all intended users to find information quickly and easily. My colleague, Ruth, and I took on the role of project managers to redesign the site, reducing the number of pages significantly and arranging the layout into a clear, concise layout with short user journeys.

The project included:

  • Overall management of the process from start to finish
  • Liaising with stakeholders to obtain detailed information
  • Developing the user journey and planning the site design
  • Working with the university site development team
  • Creating all content and overseeing the final build

Ruth and I were both very pleased and proud of the final site and the client feedback. As a result we have been invited back to work on future university sites – and now operate as a team on other, larger projects.


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August 11, 2019