The Balance Collective

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The Balance Collective is a social enterprise focused on improving the lives of parents. It was launched by an amazing lady, Clara, who is inspiring to listen to and work with. However, as with so many of us, Clara just could not describe herself in the glowing terms she deserved – a common problem with About pages, where we seem unable to really shout about our accomplishments.

After a good chat with Clara over a coffee or two, I gathered all the information I needed to put together new wording for her website – and get a real feel for her tone and the way she helps her listeners relax. It was important to me that her website sounded like the lady herself.

In addition, I added new metadata and SEO to every page – and Clara has since been worked with new clients who found her based on her website being more visible on search engine results. A truly fabulous outcome for us both.


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August 11, 2019