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I first met Sue around 2 years ago. Since then I’ve enjoyed working on projects for her business, and also taking advantage of her amazing skills as a holistic therapist to gain some much needed relief for aches and pains.

Sue Burford Holistic Therapist

With over 20 years experience of working with holistic therapies, Sue has a real talent for diagnosing the cause of your stress and anxiety, aches and pains. Her passion is finding natural remedies as an alternative to chemical medication – an enthusiasm she’s had since first training in personal treatments at the age of 16.

Trained in reflexology – she first tried it while pregnant and found the benefits so noticeable she wanted to learn more – Sue believes this is one of the most relaxing treatments you can try. With gentle movements designed to provoke reactions from your reflexes, she has seen small but obvious changes such as visibly unblocking sinuses, and had feedback from clients that their larger, but unseen, symptoms were improved as well.

Another favourite treatment is reiki – a hands on energy treatment that provides healing and a sense of well-being. She says,

At first I was not convinced by the idea of energy treatment, but I went on a course with an open mind. I love to find out more about different ways of healing the human body and reiki has been practiced across the world. Of course, once I began I was blown away. It’s an amazing treatment I think everyone should experience at least once, to make up their own mind. Our bodies are amazing – they are designed to heal themselves.

Always on the lookout for new treatments, Sue regularly undertakes courses to explore different areas of holistic therapies – and different uses for them.

Therapy as a lesson

As the first practitioner to qualify in Functional Reflex Therapy in Staffordshire, Sue is leading the way in providing alternative treatments for adults and children with learning difficulties and autism. FRT, based on gentle movements taken from reflexology, encourages the receiver to be more receptive to touch – allowing parents of autistic children particularly to benefit from a closer bond. Sue provides individual and group workshops across the local area.

Another workshop, and interesting approach to supporting well-being in children, is Storytelling Massage. Story telling is a well known education technique. By combining this with simple and non-intrusive massage actions, children benefit from a fun and interactive method of learning while improving their well-being at the same time.

Lichfield Therapy

Sue works with the local authority and several schools in the area, delivering workshops to staff and pupils, with plenty of feedback and positive results. Private treatments for individuals are provided at her tranquil clinic, Lichfield Therapy. Always ready with a cheerful smile, Sue works with you to find out the cause of your aches and pains, and to find the best natural treatment to suit you.

Find out more about Sue Burford Holistic Therapy, treatments,workshops and feedback on her website or Facebook page.

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Sue Burford Holistic Therapy