As I explore more of the networking side of the West Midlands, I’m meeting all sorts of interesting, intelligent, determined and entrepreneurial freelance or small business owners. It’s time to introduce a few and show some support for local businesses!

Becky’s Business Solutions

Not only is Becky an office administrator with years of experience in managing her own business and providing support for others, she’s also a website design technician. And what’s more, she’s a valued member of the GECopywriter team.

Under her own name, Beckys Business Solutions,  Becky delivers a one stop solution for small to medium local businesses,  offering short or long term support with a number of packages that ensure you only pay as much as you need to.

Virtual Assistant Lichfield Staffordshire

Virtual Assistant

Becky recently moved to Staffordshire from Cumbria, looking for a change of scene and more bustling lifestyle. She brings with her a successful business and plenty of expertise as a virtual assistant. Explaining what that is becomes somewhat problematic, because assistance mean different things to different people.

If you are a small business, you are probably trying hard to build up your customer base. You want to focus on delivering your services and skills to your clients. It can be annoying and difficult to contain and manage the voluminous piles of paperwork that a business brings. Invoicing, responding to queries, dealing with suppliers, manning telephones and chasing payments takes time. That’s where you may need some assistance.

Perhaps you are self-employed and trying to do some self-promotion. Setting up and updating the various social media sites that can help keep your business alive and relevant in this modern technologically driven world can be time-consuming. Twitter, Facebook, G+ and more – a web presence makes all the difference, but it does need monitoring. Having help in getting started or keeping it going can make all the difference.

Even in our personal lives we could all do with a little assistance now and then. Buying a house and chasing down vendors; organising a wedding and searching for local firms; getting quotes for a gardening project; all of these things take time that you may not have while you are at work.

The great thing about a virtual assistant is that the help is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. You’re not tied down for a month or even a day.

Web design

Over the last year or more, Becky has also expanded into providing 2 levels of web design service.

Specifically for customers of WebHealer, a website platform, she offers a Silver Design Service.

For the wider public, Becky offers a low cost overhaul and review of your self-hosted website, implementing a design that suits your business yet remains simple for your to manage in the future.

Why not?

Becky is friendly, straight forward and easy to chat with. She delivers a no nonsense, no faffing service that takes care of the problem head on. Because she is self-employed, she can be totally flexible, working from home or, if needed, on site. Plus you don’t need to worry about all those taxing issues that come with having an employee.

Perhaps you are not even sure if she can help you – all I can suggest is that you give her a call and ask!

In Support of Local Businesses. No fee or payment was received. All views expressed are my own.