Virtual Blog & Brunch

Weekly Writing group – tips and  brainstorming  from a blogging professional

What’s stopping you blogging?

  • Lack of motivation
  • Thinking of ideas
  • Knowing how to start.

A weekly online group supporting you to:

  • Get your blog finished
  • Boost your online presence
  • Help your website get found online

Join me for 90 minutes a week for a focused blogging session. You’ll get:


  • Support in brainstorming ideas & creating engaging content
  • On hand support with publishing your post
  • Understanding your SEO and getting your blog online

Sign up to the next session. Every Wednesday from 9.30am-11am for just £4.50 a session  

Blog & Brunch PAYG

For great results and to get into good writing habits, you need to blog regularly.

During lockdown it can be difficult to find the motivation to sit down alone and write.

Join us online and be part of a group, all committed to getting that blog written and published. 

And as it’s PAYG, you’re not committed to anything so you can join in as often as you like. 


Add an Editing upgrade

Send your finished blog to me for a complete, detailed edit. You’ll get notes explaining any changes, so you can learn as you go.

Or, if you just want to save a bit of time, you’ll know your blog is polished – and ready to publish.

This is my usual editing service with a fantastic 15% off for Blog & Brunch members. That’s a complete edit for just £34.