You’re a hardworking business owner.

You don’t just sell something.

You spend hours taking time to understand your client’s problems, finding ways to give them exactly what they need – and a little bit more.

You care about giving the best service you can, and surpassing their expectations.

Me, too.

A little bit about me

I love a good tale. Every time I meet a new client I get to hear their own, unique story – and then I get to share it with everyone else. Creating copy is like being very nosy, and being allowed to spread great gossip. 

A copywriter is about being a good listener – and then translating what I’ve heard into a clear story with the right tone to engage the audience. Before every project we’ll sit down for a coffee and a chat about your business – your customers, your goals, and what makes you tick. 

Then comes the research – and plenty of it – before the first word is written. When it comes to websites, I want more than just your product list. What do your customers want – and how do you make that happen? I’ll work with your web developer, if possible, to create a site where design, function and wording work together as a harmonious customer experience.

After 14 years of finding ways to make finance sound fascinating I’m used to turning technical jargon into bite-sized blogs. Now I write blogs for your business that educate, entertain and engage your audience – and contain all the techie SEO needed to keep search engines happy.

If you’re ready to share your story, I’m here to find the words.


Want to know more?

In my previous existence BC (Before Copywriting) I spent 14 years working for Egg – the UK’s first online bank. The internet was barely mainstream, most people didn’t have email, and mobile phones were, well,  phones. 

Working with customers in this new world taught me a lot about the importance of clear explanations, and that if what you say can be misunderstood, it will be. I moved into the world of fighting fraud and finished my time at Egg as Fraud Strategy Manager.

While there I learnt that I like to know how things work from the inside, and I enjoy teaching others. I worked on projects, caught fraudsters, and wrote –  training and workshops, customer communications, management summaries, case studies, processes and manuals – all the wording a business needs to keep on moving.

I launched GECopywriter in 2012 – and I’ve been writing ever since.